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Hydrogen storage potential (WP1)

H2 production, demand and storage sites – location, size and classification

Potential future electricity generation from on- and offshore wind and photovoltaic will be estimated using weather data and hence the potential for hydrogen generation from excess electricity including import from outside of Europe. Hydrogen produced can be used in balancing the grid by re-electrification, as fuel for transport, or as a heat source. Hydrogen demand centres in Europe will be identified along with transport infrastructure including pipeline routing.

Most easily developed future hydrogen storage sites including existing underground gas storage sites and depleted gas fields will be identified and hydrogen storage capacity and performance estimated, building a hydrogen storage database and GIS that visualizes the location of potential storage sites in relation to centres of supply and demand and transport infrastructure. Finally, a classification framework for potential storage sites will be developed as an aid to site selection using a point-based classification and appraisal system based on literature and research conducted in this project.

Map from the ESTMAP project showing energy storage sites across Europe.