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Microbiology (WP3)

Microbiological activity in the reservoir

Determine potential detrimental impact of microbes on subsurface hydrogen (H2) storage, and predict extent of the following risks:

  • Loss of H2 through microbial metabolic processes (methanogenesis, sulfate-reduction and acetogenesis)
  • Generation of H2S through microbial sulfate-reduction
  • Loss of H2 injectivity due to near well bore plugging by bio-based solids (microbes, Extracellular Polymeric
    Substances (EPS), FeS, etc.)

The objective of the activities within WP3 is to provide the input parameters required for the modelling tool to be developed in WP6 to enable the simulations, and therefore the prediction, of risks associated with microbial activities for underground hydrogen storage.