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Flow (WP4)

Hydrogen reservoir flow behaviour

Hydrogen and hydrogen-natural gas mixtures are typically in supercritical state when stored underground. Still the gases are almost immiscible with brine so that underground hydrogen storage becomes a complex multi-phase system. The flow behavior in the subsurface will be influenced by rock-fluid interactions and mixing phenomena between different gases. For a better understanding of these processes and as input for the numerical modeling in WP6 different kinds of dynamic flow experiments will be performed in the laboratory. These experiments include the measurement of effective molecular diffusion coefficients and mechanical dispersivities for the binary system H2-CH4 and the measurement of relative permeability curves for hydrogen-brine systems under drainage and imbibition. The experiments will be performed by using real reservoir rock samples and under the expected storage conditions in the range of 50 to 350 bar and 20 to 115°C.